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Tip to Toe Package

Spa Manicure and Classic Pedicure


Shellac Manicure and Classic Pedicure

With this package you will receive a Shellac Mani with the original CND power polish and a Classic Pedi. Your hands and feet will be ready for anything!


Relaxation Package

Package includes a Paraffin Manicure, Spa Pedicure, and a Signature Deep Cleansing Facial. Facial includes Cleansing, exfoliation, a lovely face, neck, and shoulder massage, Steam treatment, treatment mask, hand and arm massage, facial serum and moisture. She will be floating on air!


Rezenerate Facial

Best. Facial. Ever. If the following reZENonates with you, then you’re an ideal candidate for this nutrient rich Treatment! Would you like to reduce the appearance of Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Sunspots, Age Spots, Oily & Dry skin issues and Acne but are concerned about painful treatments? ReZENerate facials are ideal for those who want fast painless results with minimal downtime (redness/flaking). ReZENerate literally nourishes skin at the cellular level by infusing serums with the ReZENerate ‘Wand’. Maybe a ‘Magic Wand’ DOES exist! Side effects: Being mistaken for your daughter’s sister!


Classic Manicure

Includes nail shaping, a warm hand soak, cuticle maintenance, hand massage, & polish of choice.


Spa Manicure

Includes nail shaping, cuticle maintenance, Sugar scrub exfoliation, warm paraffin hand treatment, hand & arm massage, & polish of choice.


Shellac Manicure

Goes on like polish, wears like gel. Off in minutes with no damage to the natural nail! Shellac has 14 day wear, so no worries about your polish chipping off!


French Shellac Manicure

French polish using the long lasting CND Shellac polish.


Mini Manicure

A mini version of the classic! Includes nail shaping, hand massage, and polish of choice.


Mini Mani w/Hand Paraffin

A mini manicure with the addition of a therapeutic warm hand paraffin treatment.


French Manicure

All the basics of the Classic Manicure, but with the addition of white or off white on nail tips and a neutral base. Great for Brides and anyone wanting a clean, fresh look!


Men's Manicure

We love a man with nice hands!! Start with nail & cuticle maintenance, hand massage and a light nail buffing to bring out the shine. He'll love it!


5 Manicures package

Receive 5 manicures at a discounted price.


Paraffin Hand Treatment

An intense moisturizing treatment for the hands. Soak hands in a warm wax bath and relax for 10 minutes. Great for dry skin or individuals with arthritic joints in the fingers. The warmth is very therapeutic.


Spa Pedicure

Begin with a warm foot soak, nail trim & shape, and cuticle maintenance. Next relax with an exfoliating sugar scrub with the scent of the month and a foot mask (with warm booties!). Melt away with a luxurious foot & lower leg massage, and polish of your choice. Your feet will surely thank you!


Classic Pedicure

Begin with a warm foot soak, nail & cuticle maintenance, and a sugar scrub exfoliation. Next, relax with a foot massage and finish with polish of choice!


Mini Pedicure

No time for a Classic or Spa? No problem! You can still have good lookin' toes! Includes warm foot soak, nail trim and shaping, mini foot massage and polish.


Shellac Pedicure

Get the same incredible wear on your toes with the Shellac pedicure! Get 4 week plus wear with no chipping. Great for vacations and in cold weather. No more wearing flip flops in the snow! Just slip on your Uggs and you're out the door immediately!


5 Pedicures package

Receive 5 Pedicures at a discounted price.


Men's Pedicure

Men can indulge in pedicures too! Begin with a warm foot soak, nail and cuticle maintenance. Next, enjoy an exfoliating sugar scrub treatment, and finish with a relaxing foot massage. Come on guys...your ladies will thank you!


Signature Deep Cleansing Facial

Begin with a facial cleansing and skin analysis. Move on to an aromatic steam treatment with light exfoliation and a lovely facial, neck, and shoulder massage. A mask for your skin type is selected and applied. While you relax, receive an out of this world arm and hand massage. Finally a treatment serum and moisturizer are applied completing your experience. Guaranteed to make you feel relaxed and refreshed!


Express Facial

A mini version of the Signature Deep Cleansing Facial. Skin is cleansed and analysed. Next enjoy a light facial massage. Warm towels are applied and skin is spritzed and moisturized. On your merry way you'll go!


Back Facial

A facial for your back! Remove impurities in a very hard to reach area. Includes cleansing, exloliation, massage, and moisturizer. Don't neglect your back!


3 Deep Cleansing Facials Package

Receive 3 Deep Cleansing Facials at a discounted price per facial.


Collagen Eye "Rescue" Treatment

A rejuvenating eye treatment! Eyes are gently cleansed and a cool eye gel mask is applied. This gel treatment is rich in collagen, antioxidants and vitamins. Lay back and rest and enjoy a relaxing hand & arm massage. An eye moisturizer is applied completing your "rescue".


Cold Cryogenic mask treatment

Calm your sensitive skin with this treatment. Promotes cell renewal by supplying amino acids from the Spirulina, that are essential for supporting tissues. Also has strong antioxidant properties. The skin is gently moisturized by the kelp alginates.


Signature Facelift Peel

Aim to brighten, tighten, and lighten with this revolutionary treatment! Perfect for someone who has experienced regular facial treatments but is looking for something more. This four layer facelift will leave your skin rejuvenated and revitalized. A results driven Vitamin C and enzyme peel to treat all skin types, including sensitive and redness-prone skin. *Receive a free take home post peel kit!


O2 Lift

This luxurious treatment offers cutting edge technology while infusing oxygen, plant derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous and rejuvenated in just one treatment.



A simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). Allows for deeper product penetration of skincare ingredients.


Relaxation Massage

A little piece of heaven! Includes a scalp and facial massage along with the rest of the body. Leaves you in a state of well being! *For relaxation purposes only.


Mini Massage

Don't have time for a full body relaxation massage? No problem! Enjoy a neck, back, and shoulder relaxation massage. Destress a bit!


3 Relaxation Body Massages

Receive 3 Relaxation Massages at a discounted price.


Brow wax

Eyebrow wax



Lip or chin wax


Full leg

Full leg wax up to mid thigh


1/2 leg

Lower leg wax up to knee



Underarm wax


Shellac Manicure and Shellac Pedicure

Get great wear on your hands as well as your toes!


Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure

Enjoy all the benefits of the Classic Mani/Pedi with just a few more perks! The Spa Manicure includes nail shaping, cuticle maintenance, exfoliating scrub, a hand paraffin treatment, a hand & arm massage, and polish of choice. The Spa Pedicure includes a warm foot soak, cuticle maintenance, exfoliating foot scrub, a moisturizing foot mask (with warm booties!) and a luxurious foot and lower leg massage. Complete with polish of your choice. You'll leave walking on air!


Classic Manicure & Pedicure

This package is a must have! The Manicure includes nail shaping, cuticle maintenance, a warm soak, hand massage, and polish of choice. The Pedicure includes a warm soak, nail & cuticle maintenance, an exfoliating scrub, and a relaxing foot massage. Polish of choice of course!


Express Mani/Pedi

In a rush? Never fear! You can still have great looking hands and toes! Both services include nail shaping, lotion, and polish of your choice.


Bridal Package

A great gift for the Bride to be! Includes her choice of a Deep Cleansing Facial or Relaxation Body Massage, Brow wax, French Manicure, and a Spa Pedicure. Refreshments and goodies are also provided!


Mini Teaser Package

Your choice of an Express Facial or Express Relaxation Massage, Mini Manicure and Mini Pedicure.


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